Great Expectations: Are you Asking too Much of your Bookkeeper?

Great Expectations: Are you Asking too Much of your Bookkeeper?

You rely on your bookkeeper to keep your financial affairs in order- but you also have to manage your expectations about what they can do for you! Any good relationship is, of course, based on reasonable expectations, and expecting accurate statements delivered timorously by your financial professional is more than reasonable. Them expecting financial recompense from you likewise. But there are some unreasonable expectations bookkeepers in Melbourne see often:

Reasonable expectations to have of your bookkeeper.

Of course, you expect that your bookkeeper has an in depth knowledge of tax and accounting affairs. They should also be a decent communicator who can put those complex concepts over in a way their clients can easily access. You want them to be precise in their workings, as finance is not a field in which mistakes are allowable. You don’t want a distracted bookkeeper who can’t seem to add 2 and 2 do you? They should also be engaging with you regularly. No one wants to feel like that client who is forgotten by their service provider. They should be able to offer you limited financial advice that’s realistic for you and your business, display and ability to conform to deadlines and accomplish goals.

Great Expectations: Are you Asking too Much of your Bookkeeper?

Your bookkeeper should always be willing to answer your questions about your financial status, and have the top 3 documents [balance sheet, cash flow statement and profit/loss statement ready for your monthly. They shouldn’t flake out of duties, should be charging a reasonable rate and be willing to grasp the basics of your own industry. This is a vital part of bookkeepers in Melbourne, read more about good bookkeepers qualities at http://bookkeeperco.com.au/bookkeeper/ being able to make feasible financial recommendations. In short, they should be efficient communicators, and show signs of using modern digital technology.

What you shouldn’t expect your bookkeeper to do.

All of the above are perfectly reasonable expectations to have of your financial people. The following are not. For starters, don’t be that client who expects to have their nose in every step of the process, or have emails answered within five seconds. They’re working professionals, not there waiting at your beck and call, and they will have other clients. Don’t expect your bookkeeper to act as like as a yes-man, either. Sometimes you need to hear the harsh truths of the matter. It may be vital to saving your business. Nor should you expect them to drop everything to do your work right then. Yes, they need to be dedicated- but it’s highly unlikely that you’re the sort of client who’s so affluent that you can be their sole client. In short, it boils down to: Be reasonable and manage your own expectations. You’re a business owner yourself- picture yourself as that annoying client you have that’s always trying to do your job for you, will never listen to reason when you tell them why their plans won’t work, and then jumps up and down like a child when they don’t. Do you really want to be that person?

You need to have a solid relationship with your bookkeeper, and that comes from managing your expectations of the relationship.

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